Privacy Policy

Updated: February 17, 2021 (valid from May 25, 2018)

For Skattepunkten AB and Skattepunkten's Office Services AB it is very important that your privacy is respected and we are responsible (as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) for the personal information you provide. Our goal is to make you feel safe with how we process your personal information and this privacy policy will show you how Skattepunkten AB and Skattepunkten's Office Services AB processes, manages and stores your personal information in a safe way. This policy also describes your rights and how you can apply them.

It is important that you review our privacy policy and feel comfortable with our processing of your personal information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

1. Who are Skattepunkten AB & Skattepunkten's Office Services AB

In this policy, Skattepunkten AB (organisation number: 556624-4876) and Skattepunkten's Office Services AB (organisation number: 556872-7282) are jointly called Skattepunkten. They belong to the same group of companies and are the responsible Controllers. You as a private individual, company or organization are referred to as visitors or clients or simply, you.

Skattepunkten is responsible for all of your personal information which you share with us on our web pages, e-mail, phone or by any other means.

You can contact us via the following methods:

Postal address for Skattepunkten AB and Skattepunkten's Office Services AB is: Per Wickenbergsgatan 1, 217 54 Malmö, Sweden

Or via our contact form on and

2. What scope applies to this privacy policy

Our privacy policy applies to visitors or clients who visit our websites ( or our forum, contact us by email or call us and share their personal information with us.

Personal data is (in short) all kinds of information, either individually or in combination with other information, which identifies you as a physical living person. Social security number, phone number, name & address, picture, e-mail address or IP address are all examples of personal data.

3. Data that Skattepunkten collects and how it is being used. Skattepunkten acts as a controller for personal data in these cases.

Skattepunkten’s main reason for processing your personal data is to fulfill and comply with the agreements you have with us. We also collect personal information for visitors who want to become a client of ours or want to be contacted by us for any other reason.

For (hereafter referred to as the forum), your personal information is processed solely to manage the forum and to send out a newsletter by email (if you actively consented)

No personal data that is registered when you create your account or publish posts will be forwarded to any other 3rd party. Please note that posts posted on the forum containing personal data belonging to a 3rd person will be deleted in order not to violate the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The forum administrator also has the right to delete such posts in the forum that are not considered appropriate.

Further down in this privacy policy, you find a table of the Personal Data Processes for which Skattepunkten is the responsible Controller.

Skattepunkten being the Controller, is responsible (as defined in the GDPR)for managing, processing and storing your personal data safely and for compliance with the regulations contained in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

4. Security

Skattepunkten has as its goal is to maintain a high level of security in the processing of personal data. Skattepunkten has taken appropriate and necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use, change and deletion. Skattepunkten’s employees and consultants should always comply with GDPR.

Personal information which Skattepunkten has not requested will be saved for a maximum of 60 days. Exceptions to this are spontaneous job applications as well as matters concerning client agreements with the Skattepunkten.

Pay slips shall not be sent by ordinary e-mail but by more secure means.

5. Skattepunkten’s Processors

Skattepunkten uses subordinated Processors for the IT services and cloud services that we use for processing, storing or deleting personal data. Skattepunkten is responsible for ensuring that Processor Agreements are established with all Processors and that these Processor Agreements comply with the requirements set out in the (GDPR).

6. How are cookies used on our websites

When you visit our websites, small text files (so-called cookies) are stored on your computer. Cookies are saved in order to make the website work in the best possible way and to provide us with statistics about the use of the site.

The statistics can only be read as numbers and are not linked to subscriptions or persons. We do not save any personal information via cookies and, of course, do not provide such information to third parties.

Information about the visitor's person cannot be traced by us via cookies. A cookie cannot launch programs.

The website uses three types of cookies.

The first type saves a text file permanently on the visitor's computer, and allows statistics about how many visitors there are on the website and which browsers they use. The statistics can only be read as numbers and are not linked to subscriptions or equivalent information. The information is used to develop website performance.

The second type of cookie is called session cookie. While the visitor is browsing a website, this type of cookie is sent between the visitor's computer and the server in order to link information, such as which presets the visitor has chosen on the web page. Session cookies are not permanently stored on the visitor's computer, but disappear when you close your browser.

The third type is a statistics cookie that is set to let us know how many visitors the web pages have. We do not provide information contained in the cookies for third parties.

Each visitor can specify if he or she wants to accept to receive cookies or not. Most browsers receive cookies automatically, but you can change the settings so that they do not accept them or give the visitor a choice if he or she wants to accept or not.

Please note that if you block cookies, you will not be able to use all features on our websites.

7. How is personal information used for marketing

Skattepunkten does not sell or distribute any personal data to third parties for marketing or to any other company that works to collection and / or mapping personal data for marketing purposes.

If you have consented to receive our newsletter, this will be sent to your e-mail address on a regular basis. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, you can withdraw your consent at any time.

8. Transfer of personal data

Skattepunkten has ensured that the transfer of your personal data is only done within the EU / EES, and the USA (Privacy Shield is required).

Skattepunkten does not sell any customer information to third parties. Contact information regarding our visitors or clients which we need to send e-mail newsletters may be processed by our Controllers.

9. Your rights in the processing of personal data

If you have registered personal information at Skattepunkten, you have these rights:

  • Know what processing of personal data is made, purpose for this, legal basis and how long personal information is stored. (see Processing, further down in the policy)
  • Once a year, you can request a registry extract to see what personal data processing that is stored about you.
  • If any personal information is incorrect, you are entitled to request a correction.
  • You have the right to have your personal data erased under the following conditions:
    • The data is no longer needed for the purpose for which they are collected.
    • If the information was saved with your consent and you revoke your consent.
    • If the treatment is based on purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party and there are not enough strong reasons that weigh heavier than your interest.
    • If personal data has been processed illegally.
    • Your right to be deleted does not apply if the taxpayer is required by law (eg the Accounting Act or the Money Laundering Act) to keep the information.
  • You are entitled to data portability (the right to have your personal data moved) provided that the legal basis is consent or agreement and what you may receive is personal information about you as provided or generated by your actions / activities.
  • You may object to the processing of your personal data and then Skattepunkten will stop processing your personal data during the time the matter is being investigated if not prohibited to stop by law.
  • You can make complaints to The Swedish Data Protection Authority over Skattepunkten’s processing of Personal Data about you as a visitor or client. The Swedish Data Protection Authority can be reached by phone: +46(0)8 657 610 or via e-mail:

10. Personal data processing



Categories of personal data

Categories of registered persons

Legal basis

Storage time

Visits to the websites

Analysis and follow up

Cookie, IP-address

Web site visitors

Legitimate interests

1-365 days


Sending newsletters

Contact information

Members of

Agreement, consent

During time of agreement + 30 days

Contact forms on websites

Offering of services

Contact information

Potential clients


60 days

Client Registrations

Identification of client

Contact information, Social Security Number


Agreement, consent

During time of agreement + 10 years

Registrations of member of

Administration of forum

Contact information

Forum visiters

Agreement, consent

During time of agreement + 10 years

Purchase of services

Delivery of service

Contact, Address and invoice information



During time of agreement + 10 years

Job-seeker for specific employment

Evaluate and choose the right person to recruit

Contact information


legitimate interests

During recruitment process + 6 months

Job-seeker for employment – not specified

Evaluate and choose the right person to recruit

Contact information



6 months or as agreed

Contacts via e-mail with clients

Fulfilment of agreement

Contact information



During time of agreement + 10 years

Storage in the cloud

Storage of data for the Controller

All categories of data



During time of agreement + 10 years

Backup stored in the cloud

Securing data in case of loss

All categories of data



During time of agreement + 10 years



Invoice details


Agreement, legal obligation

Until the end of 7th year after the end of the fiscal year


Fulfilment of legal obligation

All categories of data

Clients, suppliers, employees

Legal obligation

Until the end of 7th year after the end of the fiscal year

10. Interpretation

This privacy policy must not in any way be interpreted as putting more responsibility on the Controller than follows by the GDPR.

11. Amendment of this Privacy Policy

If this privacy policy should be updated, the new version will be published on and